Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Whiny Wednesday

So I have to be honest and I'm not feeling super whiny right now, which I know is quite rare. I guess if I have to whine then I will whine about my annoyance with my gym options.

Here are my options

Zumba in Moon - 45 minute drive in rush hour

Urban Active - 45 minute drive in rush hour

Southside Athletic Club - close and convenient but really bad classes

Modern Formations Zumba - classes are good but dont start until 6:45

Downtown YMCA - good classes and a swimming pool - no parking

So I think my decision is to go with the YMCA. I have been pretty annoyed with my shuttle situation for work lately so I think I am going to get back to riding the bus to work. If I ride the bus to work then I can take the bus after work to the YMCA and I wont have to worry about parking. Also - this will eliminate the chance of me coming home and getting unmotivated on the couch. I think this will be my plan starting in February. I heard a rumor that UPMC can take the bus pass out of my pay check before taxes. This could be the key to finding me!

Wish me luck!

I will whine about this situation till its fixed! Eventually I will get certified as a zumba instructor and I will open my own studio and this wont be an issue!

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  1. I can't find good classes at good times either. I also find that the only available classes are at 10 in the morning for housewives that are already skinny.