Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Whiny Wednesday

Today I want to whine about how shitty I have been doing with the diet and workout. I get so thrown off so easily. All it took this time was my bday and a broken finger and BAM - we have a binge. Tonight I had pizza and brownies. GROSS! I know my weight loss is not going to be good this week and I have nothing to blame it on except me and my inability to stick with a healthy lifestyle! I wonder how I ever got to 270 pounds and its weeks and weeks like today added up to tons of weight gain. I hate gaining weight and I feel shitty when I binge - so why do I do it? This will be the key to my weight loss. Once I figure this out, I feel that I will be able to maintain a healthy and happy life. Hopefully through this blog, my support groups and feedback I will learn more and more about myself and avoid days like today in the future! I promise to be honest in this blog and when I binge or get sidetracked, I will post it. This will keep me honest with you and myself. No more hiding!

Tomorrow is my first class for Lapband surgery. Hopefully that will give me the kick in the ass that I need.



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  1. a little share from jan...i tried to start ww today. i was doing good until about 5 pm. i was hungry at work and ate a half a bag of baked cheetos. not bad i thought...i will just skip dinner. i went to a last minute dinner party and indeed did skip dinner. but had too much wine and had to go and have a cheese quesadilla before driving home, so i could sober up. not a healthy lifestyle at all on this coast. maybe we should call each other before we start these binges.