Thursday, January 13, 2011

Thriving Thursday

So....I have to talk about something positive and thriving in my life....

To be honest this is a very hard topic this week. My spark from last week is gone and I have been meh about eating well/working out. The best thing that happened this week actual happened this evening. I went to Magee for my first Lapband meeting. I went through a module and weighed in. Starting this process, and looking forward to a monthly weigh in did bring the spark back just a bit. I really want to avoid this surgery at all cost so I have to get serious. My goals for this month are:

Behavioral: Stay positive - If I mess up a meal - move on - make the next meal on plan
Nutritional: Limit alcohol consumption to once a week.
Physical: One hour of Zumba at least 3x a week

After speaking to the woman in charge of the classes, I think I am going to quit weight watchers. I don't really have the $40 every month and I will have to log all of my food and turn it in to my insurance anyway so I can't be turning in points values. If I go ahead with the surgery, I will be referring to calories, not points, so I need to get used to it now. I have weekly weigh ins now at work with our weight race and my monthly insurance weigh in with the lapband - I think I have the support I need without weight watchers.

Wish me luck!

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  1. Did you know Ginnifer Goodwin has been on weightwatchers since she was 9? I just read this great article about it. I guess when she mentioned it the media went nuts criticizing her for being on a diet since she was a kids, but the countered by saying she doesn't think WW is a diet. Anyway, it was really positive.