Thursday, January 27, 2011

Thriving Thursday

So after yesterdays post I thought to myself - this blog is becoming a downer. Then I got an email from a friend this morning who agreed that I have focusing more on the negative than the positive. I guess I have been focusing on the negative because I have been feeling pretty negative as of late. I gave a lot of thought today about what is thriving in my life...I think aside from all of my emotional ups and downs, I am learning a lot about myself lately. I am really trying to realize why I eat when I do, why I self-sabotage, and why I struggle so much.

One thing I have really realized lately is that my problems stem from an addiction. I am addicted to food. Heroin addicts break their addictions by detoxing and avoiding drugs. A person with a food addiction can not just detox from food and then avoid it for the rest of their life. What I can do is detox my body from unhealthy processed foods and then only fill it with healthy foods that will fuel me.

Since I can't avoid food all together, I decided that I can avoid my biggest addictions all together. My biggest food addictions are pizza with ranch and macaroni and cheese. When I binge, I binge on these foods. A binge will get me off track for a couple days to a couple of months. Its like a relapse for a heroin addict.

My plan - I will no longer eat pizza or mac and cheese - I'm taking control of this addiction!!! Addicts cut out what they are addicted to and that's what I am doing. Some people may see this as extreme and people always say you can deprive I wont. I will give myself pizza or mac and cheese when I reach goals.

I can treat myself to my drug of choice when I reach:

My Thriving Thursday is all about taking control!!!!!!!!

(I ordered pizza tonight...just to say goodbye)

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