Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sweet Sweet Saturday

So today is my 28th bday! I started my bday by sleeping till 12:00, then getting an oil change, then to the eye doctor and finally to my parents. Such an exciting Bday! But then I clipped my weave in and went to Double Wide Grill with my closest friends! We had food and drinks and went back to Andrea's house for drinks a wonderful cake that Andrea made for me. I have the best friends! I'm a very lucky girl! After Andrea's we went down to Bar 11 and drank way too many drinks! It was an easy and fun bday! Although I don't have the energy to go to Bar 11 often, when I do go it is amazing!

So as for being healthy - I stayed on track until dinner. At dinner I ordered a burger and fries and I cut the burger in half, vowing to only eat 1/2. Well that didn't work - I ended up eating the whole thing! I guess I'm allowed to go off track on my bday!

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