Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Truthful Tuesday

Giving up.....

For the past 2 weeks I feel like I have given up; like I have no motivation at all. Why has this happened and why do I cycle like this. I'm motivated for 2 weeks then I die for a month.

It's self sabotage, but why?

I go to the psychiatrist tomorrow for a three month med check, so I am going to mention to her my cycling moods.

Its sad but sometimes ordering a new planner motivates me so get organized and on track. I ordered a new planner tonight and hopefully I will get it this week.


This planner organizes life as well as workouts and diets.

Lets hope for the best. As far as motivation goes, I found a very motivating picture from DC Pride just a year and a half ago. How I went from 215 to 270 in a year in a half is beyond me. Also - I never thought a "skinny" picture of me would be a pic where I weight 215 pounds....eek!

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  1. I think WW should adopt and use that planner instead of what they currectly have. Their tracker has turned into a puzzle. Alsie, don't give up. It's all mental, you just have to figure out tricks. It's kind of like when Jody was wearing swishy pants during your SAT test. You can ignore food, just like you can ignore that stupid girl's pants.