Monday, January 10, 2011

Mmmmmmmmmm Monday

Welp .... unfortunately Mmmmmmm Monday has to be cancelled. This morning I slammed my thumb in my car door. I tried to go to work but while sitting in the lot waiting for the shuttle, I decided I needed stitches. I went to urgent care and not only did I need stitches, but they also told me it is fractured. Monday morning fail. I always wondered how people possibly slammed their fingers in door - apparently its really easy to do! Long story short, I could barely put a bobby pin in my hair a little while ago, so I didnt want to try a new recipe that would require me to chop things up. Next week's Mmmmm Monday will be Weight Watchers 1 point soup!


  1. Kev - there's 0 point soup and it's pretty tasty. Check your local soup aisle.

  2. i'm sorry about your finger:( looks painful.