Sunday, January 16, 2011

Swelling Sunday

Current Weight: 265.0
Weekly Loss: +.06
Loss-to-Date: 6.4

So - This week was bad! BAD BAD BAD! But if I have to pick something to be positive about, I will point out that I didnt workout and I didnt stick to my diet and I only gained .06 pounds. Prior to the new 2011 Allison, I would have binged the whole week and gained 5 pounds in a week - no problem. So - I start again tomorrow and I will have a negative number next week. I will follow the LabBand nutirion guide and I will workout 4x this week. Below are my workout options.

Monday: Zumba, 1 hour
Tuesday Zumba, 1 hour
Wednesday: Kettlebells, 40 minutes
Thursday: Zumba, 1 hour
Friday: Wii Fit, 1 hour
Saturday: Zumba, 1 hour

Cheers to a happy and healthy week!


  1. Does this count with your dare when you update 3 days at once? Kev does too... I'm stalking both of you. :)

  2. its only legal on the weekends....we have to have it up to date by Sunday....we discussed the rules...haha