Sunday, January 30, 2011

Fashion Friday

So this Friday I decided that I was going to dress up. I was feeling so crappy about myself this week and nothing helps more than primping and going out with friends! My big plan was to wear a black cotton dress, cardigan and a pretty scarf. So I put it on and I felt super cute but then there was the ongoing issue of winter shoe wear. I have some ugly black fake uggs that would have actually probably looked cute on someone with slender legs, but on me it made my legs look like tree trunks. All of my other shoes were too dressy for where we were going so I gave up on the cute outfit. I decided to wear jeans with the cardigan and scarf...shocking I know.

Allison fashion = black cardigan, black tank top, a scarf, big earrings, dark wash jeans, flats

I wonder what Allison fashion will be once I reach my weight loss goals?!?!

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