Sunday, January 2, 2011

Getting Started

So after 28 years of failing every goal I've ever set, I am ready to stick to one. Well - 2 really. The first goal is to make 2011 healthy and happy and the second goal is to document it all right here on this blog. I have started a competition with my bestie to see who can continue our blogs for a full year. I love competition and more importantly I LOVE BEATING HIM! On top of the satisfaction of proving him wrong, I feel that the blog will hold me accountable for meeting my goals and not quitting yet again.

I will blog every day about different topics

Shrinking Sunday (Weight Watchers Weigh-in and picture update)
Mmmmm Monday (I will try 1 new healthy recipe each week and give feedback)
Truthful Tuesday (I will be truthful about the private world of being overweight)
Whiny Wednesday (This is my day to vent and favsies)
Thriving Thursdays (I have to talk about an accomplishment that week)
Fashion Friday (I will discuss clothing and weight)
Sweet Sweet Saturday (my free day to do nothing and have my cheat meal)


  1. Great topics!

    I'd get together some generic posts drafted for days you don't have anything to say. And take advantage of scheduling posts ahead of time when your schedule & inspiration allows. You can totally beat Kev!

  2. You should try some Meatless Mondays since you're doing recipes that day anyhow! I'm sure you've heard of it, it's a really healthy new trend and the official website has great articles, tips and recipes

  3. You went to grad school and bought a house. Just haven't failed at achieving every goal. Love you.