Sunday, January 30, 2011

Shrinking Sunday

Well - Shrinking Sunday January was a bust! I lost nothing this month but I do think I have gained some insight into what makes me tick. I bought my YMCA pass and my monthly bus pass so I wont have any excuse to not get to the gym daily.

Here is my new aerobics class schedule:

Monday - Zumba
Tuesday - Core and More
Wednesday - Body Pump and Zumba
Thursday - Turbo Kick
Friday - Core and More
Saturday - Off
Sunday - Weekend Warrior

I am also going to do some weight training on top of the cardio classes.


  1. This is the last time you get to cop out. (like how I'm cracking the whip lately? it's all for you)

    Next Sunday: PHOTO
    Also, next Friday: PHOTO

    ...DO IT.

  2. Listen miss sparky - haha - I'm not taking pics on friday - my outfits arent that awesome on fridays because i go to ruggers and im not dressing up for ruggers. Also - next Sunday is the first Sunday of the month so there will be a photo. Fashion Friday will get better once I lose enough weight to see it in my clothes!