Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Whiny Wednesday

o I was flipping through my junk mail and I came across and Lane Bryant advertisement. Every year it is my goal to never have to shop at Lane Bryant again! Why do plus size stores always have to have jeans and shirts with bedazzlement on them! Fat girls dont want to bring attention to these areas with jewels! Anyway - I could whine about that for days, but that's not what I am whiny about this week. I am annoyed at what is considered plus size now in our society. One of the models in the Lane Bryant ad, who is obviously considered plus size, to me is beautiful and her curvy body is what I would love to look like. Any woman who is shaped like a woman is considered plus size.

I recognize that she is curvy and maybe not defined muscle, but to me she looks great. There are guys out there that wouldn't date her because she is "fat". That makes me so sick! So today I will whine about how our society's view of beauty is completely FUCKED! Rock your curves girls!

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