Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thriving Thursday

What a wonderful week! I managed to stick to a healthy low calorie diet the whole week. I worked out everyday so far. I have been happy. I realized I want to be strong and healthy, rather than just looking good in jeans. I haven't made excuses. I realized the scale is going to show results, they just take time.

Being healthy makes me happy and more smiley. Hopefully this trend becomes a lifestyle!

Goals for the weekend:
-Continue thriving
-Workout Friday and Saturday
-Attempt a Sunday workout
-Go grocery shopping and try a new food
-Break into the 250s!


  1. Wish I had the same motivation this week! Good job!

  2. WOOT! I've been told that sometimes the weight gain is muscle mass - and that's a good thing...

    What new food are you going to try?

  3. Hey Joshua - I think at the weight I am right now, the weight gain can only be fat at this point. haha.

    As for the new food - my friend and I are making a cauliflower pizza. The crust is made of cauliflower. I hope it turns out great cause I LOVE pizza! I'll post it on Monday with the recipe!

  4. That might be really tasty! I make "mashed potatoes" with cauliflower. My kids have no idea...

    As far as weight gain - keep up the fight. I know I'm trying!!