Sunday, February 13, 2011

Shrinking Sunday

Current Weight: 263.2
Weekly Loss: +.4
Loss-to-Date: 8.6

I feel the need to comment on this horrible week. I have been sick all week and couldn't get to the gym as much as I wanted to. Also - being an emotional eater - when I'm not feeling well, I always go for more comforting foods. I have new motivation though. My first motivation is realizing that there is a 10 year high school reunion somewhere in my future. Also - My biggest motivation is my super duper friend Andrea. Andrea has been so great with her dedication to the gym and her food choices. Seeing her progress and excitement for the workout and lifestyle change motivates me to try harder. Its nice to have a friend so dedicated because I know she wont pressure me to get off track. I can watch shows like "Biggest Loser" "Heavy" and "I Used to Be Fat" all day, but seeing my friends doing it motivates me so much more. Thanks Andrea :)

1 comment:

  1. 1. You just made me emotional.
    2. You motivate me too!