Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Truthful Tuesday

So I wanted to take today to be truthful about how many diets/weight loss programs I have tried, and how many I have quit. I never think I have tried that many weight loss plans until they are written down!

Here Goes:

Weight Watchers
Jenny Craig
Clean Eating
Vegan ism
Gluten Free
Healthe Trim Diet Pill
Alli Pill
Couch to 5k Program
30 Day Shred
Personal Training
NV Diet Pill
South Beach Diet
Skinny Bitch Diet
BodyBugg Arm Band
Rowing Crew
Circuit Training
Special K Diet
Apple Cider Vinegar
Natural Foods
LapBand Diet
Spark People
8 Minute Abs
Wii Fit
Biggest Loser
Hip Hop Abs

Ok so I know there are a ton more! I cant think of them all because clearly they are too many. Every time I come across a new plan, I put it in my planner and dedicate every ounce of me to learning about it. Then I never do the program or I do it for a short time and it doesn't have a chance to work.

The moral of the story - these are all fads and products to make money - you will lose weight if you burn more calories than you consume. Eat balanced meals with fruits and veggies, lots of water and lots of movement! Easy right?

I love this quote that my VA Zumba instructor uses:

“So many people spend their health gaining wealth, and then have to spend their wealth to regain their health.”

The weight loss industry knows that people will spend any amount of money to lose weight! Sometimes I think about how much money I have wasted on new "plans" and I could have saved that money and bought something awesome! Goals - no more gimmicks - just healthy life style!

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  1. TRUTH:) You know I support any kind of list making. I agree - it's so much easier to make good/healthy recipes. It just takes so much more time. Here's to a healthy 2011!