Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thriving Thursday

So....thriving Thursday you say.....

To be honest I cant even pretend that I am thriving at the moment. I have been pretty sick all week. My body is still getting used to the Wellbutrin and its really effecting my IBS. I have only been able to workout a few times this week, both for a short period of time because of my stomach. I am not going out at all this weekend. I cant. And actually I was thinking about doing a juice detox. I found a few that are good for digestive cleanses so I am going to try one. I was thinking about this one:

Stomach Cleanser
1 bunch Grapes
1 basket Strawberries
3 Apples
4 sprigs Fresh Mint

I will drink this for 3-4 days and not eat. The cleanses say to drink a glass of this when you're hungry. I feel like my body is full of toxins and I need to clean it out and start fresh. Have any of you tried a cleanse? If so I would love to hear about it!


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