Thursday, May 12, 2011

Thankful Thursday

This actually happened Friday, but since blogger wasn't working yesterday and I couldnt post, I will talk about Friday's thanks.

So this morning I was running to the bus and it didnt see me and it kept going.  I was annoyed, but luckily this car pulled over and said "hop in ill drive you to it."  The girl's name was Sparkle and she looked like she was in high school.  She was super nice and she made my day!  That is Karma right there - I do nice things so I get something nice done for me and now Sparkle will get it back at some point.  I wish all people were that nice!

(I was searching for a sparkly picture for Sparkle and this came up so I had to post it!)


  1. That's so nice that a stranger gave you a lift! Have a LOVELY weekend!

  2. HOney, you were picked up by a stripper!