Friday, May 6, 2011

Fashion Friday

For Fashion Friday I want to talk about sizes.  I have sizes 12 through 22 in my closet.  Thankfully I'm done with 22.  I have moved onto 20!  I found this site on the Internet that shows picture of real women and their weight and sizes.  It is so interesting to me that all women are so different.  there was one girl that weighed 185 and I thought she weighed 135.  I guess this all just goes back to how we feel about ourselves.  I know I wasn't happy at 185 but I didn't realize that I looked decent at that weight.  I always think people look so much better than me, even if we are the same size.  We are all dilusional about our bodies!

Check out this site

I would look at the picture then try to guess the weight before I scrolled down to see it!  
My goal weight is 150 and I am 5'6"

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  1. Have a wonderful weekend! I love fitting into the smaller sizes in my wardrobe it's like FREE shopping !