Tuesday, May 3, 2011


SO .... I have been in the planning process during my week long blog vaca!  If I am going to keep up with my diet and blog, I need to keep things interesting.  First of all, my daily themes are changing.

Morphing Monday - My new weigh-in day on my new program
Temptation Tuesday - Speaks for itself...what am I dying to have!
Workout Wednesday - A review of the workouts I've been doing the past week
Thankful Thursday - What am I happy about this week?
Fashion Friday - My fashion struggles
Slacker Saturday - What relaxing activity am I doing for myself?
Sum It Up Sunday - A look at my past week and a plan for the upcoming week.

So as for my new program I am doing...

I am starting the Ideal Protein Program tomorrow.  It is very extreme and will be a challenge, but I know I am up for it.  My dad's friend started this program in January and he has already lost 65 pounds.  I am frustrated so I am in the mood for something a little more extreme!  The program is a 4 phase program.  The program starts with no carbs and reintroduces the carbs back into your diet in each phase.  They have their own protein meals that you eat for 2 meals a day and then for dinner you eat 7 ounces of lean protein and 2 cups of veggies.  I am fully dedicated to this because I know it will work and it will be nice to have the support of my new weekly 1-1 meetings. I will go every Monday to talk and weigh in.  I do so much better with that weekly pressure!

The daily diary

The creepy space age protein packets

Phase 1 Plan


  1. Good luck with the new plan!

  2. I am wishing you luck, but the thing that I don't understand is that in your "about me" section you said "lose my bulge the natural way".....those packages don't have anything natural looking about them......

  3. Bonnie - I completely agree - I guess when I said natural I meant no surgery! A lot of the ingredients in the packets are natural proteins so its not as bad as it looks! If I was outside looking in, I would probably say I should just do it the natural way, but because I have seen the results first hand, I am going to give it a try!

  4. Either way I wish you luck with your progress!!!!.....Hopefully one day we will all meet and exceed our goals!!!