Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sum it Up Sunday!

So - This week was not as good as last week.  I wasn't religious with my supplements and I didn't get as many veggies as I am supposed to have.  I was feeling bingy all week.  I need help with veggie recipes.  If you have any favorites send them my way.  I really messed up today and I am feeling horrible about it.  I had a candle party and I totally went off the wagon.  I am fine on diets unless its in front of me.  I can't say no when I can see it.  I really need to work on this! 

This week's goals are to get back on an eating schedule and start working out a little.  High school reunion is in the fall.  Last time I saw most of those people I weighed 150 - talk about motivation! 


  1. Yeah, it's way harder to eat well when there's junk food in front of us! It's a struggle, but I'm sure you'll get better!

    As far as veggies go, I just love to broil them. If I'm in a hurry I just slice a tomato in half, salt it, and stick it in the broiler for a few minutes until it's browned and yummmy. Just try different things, something will click :)

  2. I just posted a veggie frittata recipe on my blog.

    It is really tasty, check it out!

  3. Have fun at your high school reunion!

    I started the week strong then ended it with eating maintenance calories. I'm back on the saddle today though! Good luck to the both of us!

  4. I have lots of veggie recipes and cook books and magazines...i can share them with you this Saturday.

  5. Check out Vegetarian Times! It's one of my favorite recipe magazines. Plus anything Mark Bitman does for the NYTimes is really easy.