Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Temptation Tuesday

I want something crunchy and greasy!  I think this craving is supposed to go away after another week!  After that I know its ALL mental and not an actual craving.  So I just googled pictures of greasy foods to add to this post and everything looked so gross that now I don't think I want anything.  I'm cured!  AHHAH


  1. If you need something "crunchy" or fried, I normally flatten some lean protein, batter it and pan fry it in a saute pan and drain it on a towel. I dip it in my favorite dipping sauces or serve with marinara/cheese/pasta :) It's slightly healthier than fast food!

    Panko bread crumbs (Japanese fried bread) are amazing for texture in these pan-fried concoctions!

    Great job trying to avoid a calorie bomb! I think our cravings sometime sound better than it actually is.

  2. Keep hanging in there your doing great!!!!!!.....
    ps. Panko breading is amazing.....lol