Monday, May 9, 2011

Morphing Monday

So - here is a little update about my weight.  The past few weeks I let things go and I wasn't working out.  I also binged many times.  I didn't have any desire to put in effort!  So as of Monday, my weight was 262.6 again.  HORRIBLE!  It was like I erased everything I have done.  Well - the good news is:

Current Weight: 255.0
Weekly Loss: -7.6
Loss-to-Date:  21

So after just 5 days on Ideal Protein, I lost 7.6 pounds! I have never lost that much weight on any diet! This diet is pretty crazy and seems hard to stick to. When I lose .5 pounds a day, I stay motivated, therefore I don't quit! I am feeling really good about this! I don't want to give up! I want this to be it! There slogan is, "Your last diet!" I hope they are right!

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  1. Great job! Keep up the great work :) sounds like this plan is working for you!