Sunday, May 8, 2011

Sum it Up Sunday!

So this week was AMAZING!  This is by far the best first week of any diet I have ever had (and that's saying a lot).  This week hasn't been easy, but seeing the weight change almost everyday was enough motivation to keep going.  Each day is getting easier and easier!  I am actually (only in 5 days) starting to see food as fuel and not fun.  I really like having this structure and weigh-in pressure.  I weigh-in tomorrow and I am actually excited!  That never happens! 

So lets talk weekly goals.  Since I am feeling good and I haven't had the fatigue people talk about, I am planning on working out 3x this week.  I am going to go to Body Pump Wednesday, my core class Thursday, and Zumba Friday.  My only challenge this week is my candle party I'm hosting next weekend!  I have to have a lot of foods and drinks for my guests.  I will also make sure I have lots of fresh veggies so I can still snack!  I am actually not nervous since this diet is working sooooo well!

Have a great week friends and thanks so much for your support!     


  1. Congrats on your fabulous week! Enjoy the rest of your sunday!

  2. yay:) i'm proud of you for changing your plan mama.