Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Whiny Wednesday

Man oh man! I couldn't possibly have more to whine about today! This has just been a horrible week. Here is everything I'm upset about right now:
  • I have been mid panic attack since about 12:30 today. I haven't had a panic attack in so long so this has been pretty upsetting.
  • My job is sucking this week. The unit has been so understaffed this week that I haven't been able to teach anything. I am so stressed and I'm not making enough money to make this stress worth it!
  • My dogs are not trainable! I have been working on them peeing on the pee pad when it is in a tray so they don't get it on the tiles. Well - they are peeing everywhere and they are ripping the pee pads out of the pan! So frustrating!
  • I have lost all motivation for eating well and working out. Tomorrow I will be back at it. I need to get out of this funk
  • Its rainy and cold and my feet wont warm up from my walk from the bus.

1 comment:

  1. sorry alzie:( i hate cold feet and bad dogs. maybe if you think of them as guinea pigs you won't get as mad. but probably not. we are going to eat super healthy next week!