Thursday, March 10, 2011

Thriving Thursday

So I was talking to Kevy on the phone earlier and I was complaining that I don't have much to talk about for Thriving Thursday. This has been a pretty crappy week - body and mind. I was going to write about the fact that I put on a pair of size 20 jeans today. I have been wearing size 22 for a while now and this morning I didn't have any clean size 22 jeans. I decided to venture into my drawer of jeans that don't fit. If you're like me and your weight has changed so much, you probably have every size in your closet. I have sizes 12-22 in my closet so when I lose I don't have to go shopping, I just have to open a different dresser drawer. Well I felt good in a smaller size and I said bye to size 22! I also took a minute to look through the drawer of smaller sizes and I realized that I really want to fit back into some of those jeans cause they are cute. This was a new motivation for me that I have never tried before. I was in those smaller jeans before so I know I can be there again!

As good as that was, something Thriving Thursday worthy did happen tonight. I got home from my professional development, it was cold and raining and the couch consumed me. I started to feel tired and I felt the emotional eating urge coming on. I was going to drive down to the dollar general and buy something yummy and definitely unhealthy to eat. I was going back and forth about it. I thought about how little I have worked out this week and how I had a bad binge earlier in the week. On one hand I said "Allison, stop, remember how shitty you felt a few days ago after your binge," on the other hand, my all or nothing attitude said "Well, your week has been so shitty, whats one more day of eating crap?!" This is one time my laziness helped me out. I had just pushed play on my DVRed Biggest Loser from Tuesday and I didn't want to get up to go to the store. After a few minutes of watching Biggest Loser, I started to feel motivated (naturally). All the sudden, I paused the TV and I went to the kitchen and made tuna salad and ate it with flax seed crackers. I also had 2 huge glasses of water and a banana. I took control of the situation and I feel happier and healthier for my decision. Everyday will thrive if I can get rid of the ALL OR NOTHING attitude!

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  1. Good for you, Allison! That is SO awesome! I love Biggest Loser, personally. I think it's very inspiring and motivating. If they can sweat like that, I can totally do it too!

    Have a great week! Keep up the good work! I'm hoping to be in a 20 in the next month or two! :)