Friday, March 18, 2011

Fashion Friday

So, I have decided to give Janet another guest blog since she is still in PA visiting. She is pretty much the funniest person ever, so I want to get as much as I can out of her while she is here. So she decided to write about full bum undies - personally my favorite - specifically a pack of Hanes Her Way (Sexy I know). So here is Janet (A thin woman who still loves the big panties).

I love full butt underwear. I just love them. What I don't love is thongs. Butt cheeks are friends and want to be together. People, usually thin women, say they like thongs because full butt underwear gives them a weggie. I don't understand this because a thong is a weggie that won't go away. The other complaints are that bigger underwear give you panty lines and they hang out of your pants. I say "oh well" to that one. Sorry society - I'm a lady and I wear underwear. Also, thongs hang out of your pants too. When you see thong hanging out of someone's jeans, your eyes are drawn to it immediately because it looks like some weird bungee underwear contraption. There are beautiful options for full butt underwear - lace, ruffles, seasonal themes and funny sayings. Bigger underwear have come a long way since the days of buying a new pack at K-Mart. Although I do still like to pick up a pack every once and a while for old times sake. What I'm saying here is don't feel bad for liking full butt underwear. It's fashionable, comfortable and you can go for a jog without feeling like you are being sawed in half.


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  1. This is SO funny! And true! However, my dog running through my living room in front of guests with my thong in his mouth is a whole lot sexier than my big girl britches! ;) I still wear them though! :)