Sunday, March 6, 2011


Here are my goals for this week:
(writing this post is really just to organize my own thoughts)

  • Monday - Zumba @ 5:30, groceries, pick up prescriptions
  • Tuesday - Core and More @ 5:30, laundry
  • Wednesday - Body Pump @5:20, Zumba @ 6:30
  • Thursday - Professional Development, Post Office, Kettlebells @ home
  • Friday - Zumba @ 5:00, clean house
  • Saturday - Pick up Jan at the airport @ 9:30, snuggle Janet and her mama!
  • Sunday - Yoga @ 12:00


  1. I like this, I might have to try it.. do you find if you write down your goals you actually do them? I have been struggling with my accomplishing things that I have set out to.

  2. woo hoo! i'll exercise with you this week.

  3. Grace - I find I need to write them down and also tell people so I feel accountable! Good luck with your goals!

    Jan - I wonder if I can get you a week membership at the YMCA downtown to wokrout with me.