Saturday, March 26, 2011

Sweet Sweet Saturday

Welp - nothing sweeter than this Saturday! Kev and I were lazy in the morning then walked around Boston harbor for a little bit. It was the windiest but super pretty! We also went to panera and played words with friends....we are the coolest! Kev and I can pretty much have a great time in all situations! We then hung out at his house with Jon (his wonderful boyfriend that I love love love). Kev's bday party was later in the night at a divey karaoke bar. It was cheap and reminded me of a Pittsburgh bar! We had a great time. I love Kevin's friends. Everyone is sooooo fun and my face hurt from laughing! The party was a success and I've decided I never want to leave! I love myself some Boston - almost as much as my Pittsburgh!
I didnt get the memo that we were taking a serious!

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