Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Truthful Tuesday

Instead of "Truthful Tuesday" I think I'm going to call this "I fucked up Tuesday." So - Yesterday is what you would call a bad day. I was exhausted at work and didn't feel well. I decided to come home after work to either lay down or workout at home. Instead I went to the dollar general and bought mac and cheese and peanut butter cups. I ate the whole box and half the bag of cups. This is even hard for me to type because I am so ashamed of my binge. I haven't binged in so long. Even when I have eaten an unhealthy item, I have been able to control myself and not eat a ton of it. Well - not this time! After I ate, I was very aware of the difference I felt. I felt like my stomach was extended and I couldn't breath. I felt nauseous and sad. I even started to cry, asking myself why I do this. Since Friday's burger and alcohol fest, I have been off course. Even today, after my horrible night, I still forgot to pack my lunch and got a burger from the cafeteria. I feel more sluggish and depressed when I eat shitty. Luckily I have a 90 minute Zumba class tonight - Hopefully that will snap me back into a routine!


  1. I think it's great that you took a moment to think about how your body felt afterward. Perhaps that observation will help you in the future?

  2. Just keep turning around when you get too far off track. Eat a good dinner tonight, tomorrow start fresh. You got this girl.