Thursday, March 3, 2011

Thriving Thursday

Soooo....something new happened today. I had a teacher meeting and that usually means food food food. Well I promised myself I wasn't going to have any of the fatty goodness! If I stuck to that promise then it would have really been a thriving day. Of course I gave in and had pizza and a cookie....horrible! BUT now for the thriving part. A month ago eating that food would have put me into a downward spiral. I would have eaten that food, skipped the gym and ordered takeout when I got home. BUT I DIDN'T. After eating the pizza, I automatically thought to myself that I didnt want to go to the gym and I was thinking of excuses to get out of it. Then I snapped out of it and forced myself to go to the gym. I also only had a banana for dinner since I ate so poorly earlier.

This blog has really made me think about where I was and where I want to go. Reflecting on my days and my ups and downs really helps me prepare for the hard times. I am trying really hard to not be all or nothing with my healthy lifestyle. I know that food is an addiction. Like today - just the taste of pizza instantly made me want PJs and a couch. I am addicted to pizza and the laziness that comes with it (even if it makes me depressed and tired). Fatty foods are like heroin to me - I know that now.

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