Saturday, March 5, 2011

Sweet Sweet Saturday

Well there was nothing sweet about this day. I was up drinking from Friday night till Saturday at around 9 when I got a cab home. Clearly I think I am a rock star. Well I came home and slept for a few hours and then I went with my mom to Dozen bakery to pick up cupcakes for a baby shower. I was in a wonderful bakery and I didn't get anything to eat! It was partially the hangover but also my lack of interest in sweets at the moment. (Sidenote - Friday we went to a burger and milkshake restaurant and Andrea and Travis got milkshakes and I controlled myself and didn't get one. I was having self control, but I also realized how unhealthy the burger was and I was scared to eat 2 bad things) Later in the day I did order a Pizza to try to cure my hangover and it def helped. No salad is going to get you over a hangover like that! Well - the day was spent on my couch watching TV and trying not to die. Blah!


  1. One of the best guilt-free hangover cures I've ever tried was Multi-grain Cheerios. Since you deplete your body of basically all vitamins and minerals when you eat, the cheerios replace them and you feel almost immediately better.

  2. Thanks Sarah - I'm going to try that!