Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Workout Wednesday

I need your help!  I am contemplating getting rid of my gym membership and buying one of these at home programs (insanity, chaLean, turbo jam, ext.)  What is your favorite one?  I have p90x and its good, but way too hard for me right now.  Which one do you use?  Help Help!


  1. Hey! I have quite a few and you really gotta know yourself before you pick one. i've wasted so much $ thinking yeahhhh, that looks like fun and ended up hating it or being such a klutz I couldn't do it (Zumba for one!) My favorite combo program by far (weights/resistance/cardio) is kettleworx. it's just not long enough to do something and make differences in muscles but not so long I feel like I am gonna totally die. (p90X) There's a new one out now called Supreme 90 Day. it's only $20 I think and similar to P90X. Thinking about getting that one and also Bob Harpers Kettlebell Cardio which is $15. I tried Turbo Jam too. Didn't sit right with me because I'm just not good at all at footwork and many dancing type moves. but if that's your thing give it a shot! I'm trying to remember what else I have. I must have 30 or 40 workout things for DVDs and kettleworx just gets my vote everytime. Good luck! hope you find a good one that works for ya!

  2. I've only done P90X so I'd be interested in seeing what you decide! At home working out is so convenient!