Saturday, June 11, 2011

Sweet Sweet Saturday

Today was really nice - I went to the Pittsburgh Arts Festival with my parents!  My mom got some nice stained glass and I got a ring.  It is so nice to be around local artists and support them.  People are so talented!  My mom and I were talking about how we are pretty much average at everything we do.  Her skill is organizing.  I don't know what my best skill is!  I am not really awesome at anything.  I will have to think about this.  What is your talent?


  1. I 100% disagree. You are really awesome at putting together a good outfit. You are like my own Rachel Zoe. You also are really good at being funny - in no way average. On a separate note - did you get a charaicture by a woman who barely opened her eyes?? just checking to see if she is still working her magic.

    I'm good at putting on liquid eyeliner (at least now...not in high school.)

  2. I love going to Art Fests! :D Your post reminds me of a friend's idea she's doing on twitter. tweet #3things you love about yourself every day for a week. great idea and really gets you thinking about yourself in different ways. Give it a try.

  3. ask my husband.....hahahahahaha....just kidding

    I can sing, I am an organizational freak, and I'm pretty good at decorating.