Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Workout Wednesday

So as I said yesterday, I finally went to my yoga class. I hadn't done yoga in a long time! I don't remember liking yoga, but I definetly do now!  I really want to become flexible.  I love stretching and feeling long and lean.  I am sore today so I know I was working a lot of muscles - its hard to hold up 250 pounds on your toes and hands in downward dog.   The hardest thing for me during yoga is my breathing.  I am a mouthbreather, and breathing out of my nose is not natural.  Also - I have pretty bad anxiety so I take small short breaths and never expand my lungs.  I will need to start to practice my breathing techniques if I am going to continue yoga.  Here are some benefits of proper yoga breathing, apparently called Pranayama.  I'm learning to much!  

Copied from:
Benefits of Pranayama
Breathing is a normal part of our life, though we fail to pay attention to it. It is an autonomic function of the body that we perform even without concentrating on it. Why then do we have to learn yoga breathing? Here are some reasons why Pranayama is important:
  • Pranayama teaches us the proper way to breathe. We became used to breathing from our chest, using only a fraction of the lungs, not knowing that this unhealthy and unnatural way of inhaling may lead to several complications. With yoga breathing, we increase the capacity of our lungs, bringing more oxygen supply to the body to function well. We learn how to breathe slowly and deeply - the right way.
  • Pranayama reduces the toxins and body wastes from within our body. It prevents one from acquiring diseases.
  • Pranayama helps in one's digestion. With the proper way of breathing, one's metabolism and health condition will start to improve.
  • Pranayama develops our concentration and focus. It fights away stress and relaxes the body. Controlling one's breathing also results to serenity and peace of mind.
  • Pranayama offers a better self-control. Through concentration, one can better handle temper and reactions. Mind can function clearly, avoiding arguments and wrong decisions. Moreover, self-control also involves control over one's physical body.
  • Pranayama leads to spiritual journey through a relaxed body and mind.
However, Pranayama should not be forced and done without proper preparation, or it may lead to nervous breakdowns. It is part of a process in yoga. Breath control is a spiritual practice of cleansing the mind and body which should be done appropriately and with proper guidance and preparation.


  1. My boyfriend has problems doing yoga too because it's a lot of weight on his toes so he only does short sessions at home with me. I think you definitely build on it though because I think I'm more flexible now!

    Good for you for doing it!

  2. It will keep getting easier and easier. I'll never forget my first Bikram Yoga class. I never thought I would make it out of there alive.

  3. I know that controlled breathing can really help with stress, but did anyone else find it a bit amusing that "without proper preparation, ... it may lead to nervous breakdowns"? Who knew?

  4. When you come visit Bill and I you should come do yoga with me at this studio I just joined. It's the cutest and has namaste coming out the wazoo