Saturday, June 4, 2011

Slacker Saturday

So today I was not a slacker.  I went to the Pittsburgh Autism walk.  Autism is one of my biggest passions and it was so nice to see that our walk has grown each year.  It was also nice to reach 8000 steps before noon :)

I also went to Andrea's housewarming party.  It was really nice and a good group.  I was a little jealous because of the shittiness of my housewarming party last year. (Cliff Notes version - a friend brought over a guy who was a nazi and all of my friends are gay, jewish and/or black.  Also - I am pretty much the only white girl in my zip code so it was very embarrassing for my neighbors to see him.  Also - there was a couple who got in a fight then the guys were talking about beating someone up - WORST) So since my new roomie is moving in on Tuesday, I was thinking we should have a housewarming redo party.  I think its only fair - no drama allowed.

This was our team shirt for the Autism walk - I love it!

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