Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Truthful Tuesday

Help!!  I need my weight loss friends to help me out.  I'm losing my motivation and I feel myself going back to old ways.  I have been ordering pizza and skipping the gym.  What do you guys do when you've lost your motivation?  What bumps you back into the routine?  I am forcing myself to go to the gym tonight.  I am hoping an hour of core and an hour of kickboxing will get me back in the mood.  Any suggestions will help!


  1. PUT DOWN THE PIZZA & walk away. Think of the pedicure.

  2. Taking pictures of yourself in your underwear (no sucking thing)

    Weigh yourself

    Plan, plan, plan! (Meals, exercise, water)

    Revisit the goals of WHY you wanted to lose weight in the first place. Health? Vanity? Vacation?

    Take it a step at at time. Rid your house of any junk food that might tempt you. Start off slow. Don't skip breakfast.

    Best of luck and I hope you get back on track! Sometimes we do need a break but the important thing is get BACK to it.

  3. Try little changes, rather than overly-intense workouts and cutting out all delicious things. Small changes feel easier to maintain long-term and they add up. A huge goal, task or restriction can feel overwhelming and impossible.

    Pizza is fine. Have one slice and a bunch of salad. Workout hard, but don't over do it. Drink water, lots of water.

    You are looking good, don't give up! You'll be at goal before you know it.

  4. Whenever I'm not motivated I go online and read weight loss success stories. It always helps me see that it IS POSSIBLE to put down the pizza.

    I also like to read healthy eating or health magazines. They take time, they're something to do with your hands, and they motivate me!

    Updating the good ol' workout mix can be nice too...really motivates me when I'm not wanting to workout.

  5. I drink a lot of expensive tea. Distracts me from all the cheese I want to eat.