Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Truthful Tuesday

I was thinking about my weight loss today (whats new) and my weight history, and I realized I don't remeber weighing between 180 and 215. You would have though that breaking into the 200s would have frightened me back into the 100s, but apprenlty I was oblivious! I don't remember a time when I wasn't thinking about my weight, so I don't know how I forget about those times, or let myself slip into the 200s. I think the 200s are so depressing that once you hit them, you just give up. I think thats what I did.....

Today I bought a Keratin Hair Straightening Treatment on groupon for $99 (its usually $300). Hair straightening is my reward for hitting 180lbs. The groupon expires in October 2011, so I have to get to 180 by then. I can't even imagine what 180 will feel like. I imagine being light and not blobbing out of my clothes. To get to my goal, I have to lose 12 pounds a month until then. That is a crazy goal, but I'm hoping I can get there! It is weird to think that if I put my mind to it, I can be 180 before xmas.



  1. i have a suggestion. i think you should switch hair straighten and spa day around as rewards. 12 lbs a month is a really crazy and a spa days is still a really fancy and nice prize. be kind to yourself on this one.

  2. 12 pounds a month is pretty intense. One bad month and you'd have to make it up by then losing 14 a month...could add up quick. BUT, if it works as motivation for you then go for it, but just let yourself be open to adjustments. You'll look fabulous by Christmas either way! :D

  3. You can do it! Set your mind to it & go, honey!