Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sweet Sweet Saturday

So today has been super productive.  I woke up this morning and went to the strip district with my dad.  It is always such a nice way to spend a Saturday morning.  I bought some raspberry Jam and a scarf and my dad got this cool wine bottle holder made out of iron.  We went to lunch and split a club sandwich on wheat bread then he dropped me off at my house.  It was nice out so I got to open my window and get fresh air.  I don't know what the fresh air did to me, but I automatically passed out and took a nap for 3 hours haha. 

I was sure the nap was going to do me in and ruin the productivity for the whole day - but it didn't!  I woke up and worked on homework and other things I can't talk about yet.  Almost everything is crossed off of my to do list and that is so not like me.  My plan for tomorrow is to go to the grocery store in the morning then go to Matt's candle party.  After the candle party, Andrea and I are taking the dogs to my parent's house so they can run in the backyard.  My dad bought a new grill and we are going to cookout and enjoy the random 80 degree day.

I have been pretty off of a diet and exercise plan this week...and since I got sick.  I am finally really feeling better so I see tomorrow as my last day of rest.  Monday I will be back at it!   

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  1. At least you were productive in life, even if you're off the diet for the week!