Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wowsa Wednesday

So I am really loving this health coach program I am in.  The classes are really making me look at myself and analyze my own life.  The program is based on what they call primary foods - relationships, career, spirituality and physical activity.  They say that the food you put in your mouth is secondary and in direct relation to your primary foods.  Something really resonated with me during my lesson Monday.  The creator talked about how people are diagnosed with binge disorder (me), when in essence they are just lacking primary food.  He talked about how some people come home and do not have a meaningful relationship that they crave, so they fill the void by binging.  When I think about it, I did start to gain my weight in college after a bad breakup, and it has gone up and up since.  I only binge when I am home alone.  This maybe a trigger.

Each person going through this program has a journal they fill out everyday with different activities.  My activity today was to analyze my "circle of life."  I was to put a dot on each aspect of my life.  The closer the dot to the outside of the circle, the happier I am.  The closer the dot to the middle of the circle, the more help I need.  After making my dots, I connected them.  I'll tell ya, my circle is looking pretty sad.  The areas that need attention are: finances, career, health, physical activity, home cooking and spirituality.  Here is my circle:

We then had to take our circle and come up with wishes:

Very interesting stuff - totally into it!

Side note - 
I don't think I post enough pictures on my blog that aren't weight related to here goes!

Here is my beautiful friend Dana at her wedding reception!

Me and my bestie, Andrea, out after the wedding

 Girls night out!



  1. Very interesting tool. I'd be afraid to see what my "circle" looked like.

    Btw, you are looking gorgeous all dolled up with your friends. :)

  2. New follower. Love your reward system.