Friday, July 22, 2011

Fashion Friday

So its 9 million degrees and humid out.  This is a very bad time of the year for us fatties!  We are so hot and sweaty and we feel even more unattractive.  Blah.  When the weather gets like this I like to wear long, loose dresses.  You know what I hate more than having a sweaty body, is having a sweaty face.  This effs up your makeup really quick!  I have clear eyebrows so I have to draw mine on and after a sweaty day I'll look in the mirror and I'll only have like 1/4 of 1 eyebrow left - embarrassing! 


  1. hahahaha......I sooooo have the same prob with the brows

  2. Try to use primer under your eyeshadow and on your face. This will help keep the makeup in place. Also, a powder with wax over top is great for eyebrows that don't budge!