Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Truthful Tuesday

So - Since I have been living with Jaime, I have had the opportunity to really observe how a very thin person lives.  Here is what I have noticed about Jaime that is very different than me:
  • She eats at the kitchen table.  I do not think I have ever seen her eating on the couch.  
  • She eats slowly
  • Her portions are small and in small bowls/plates
  • She works out first thing when she gets home and never has an excuse
  • She has more energy because of her eating and exercise
It has been interesting to watch how different we are.  I need to work on some of these things, especially not eating on the couch and working on portions!


  1. Yes I agree this is so true. We could all do with truly observing how slim people eat, and living like they do. It doesn't just 'happen" in the vast majority of cases anyway.....slim people are slim because they eat and exercise in a disciplined way
    So true

  2. Never thought about this before.. then again Im not sure I've ever lived with a slimmy lol aside from my college roomate but that was different- no kitchen and different schedules. I can definitely say eating smaller portions at a slower pace has done wonders thus far. Great insight!

  3. I alwayssssss eat in front of the tv.....maybe I should stop that....

    mindless eating, that's probably why our portions are bigger, cause we aren't paying attention

  4. Interesting isn't it? All good things we should all do more...great post.

  5. They even say you should never eat standing up, too. Eating at the kitchen table allows you to eat slowly, savour the meal, not be in such a rush. Thanks for sharing!

    Staying MOTivated MO

  6. I don't think I could be as active as I am if I didn't come home and go to work out RIGHT away. It's so easy to be consumed in relaxation. reward yourself w/ relaxation POST-workout! You got this!

  7. Those seem like really good tips, and easy to do too. Well, the eating in the kitchen and using smaller plates does. Thanks for the tips!